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Interlink Advertising Ltd
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Interlink Advertising was founded in 1996, initially providing link building services to early adopters of small online business websites who appreciated the benefits of a level playing field when compared to large established brick and mortar corporations.

The founder (LinkedIn: Nick Cookson) had built a simple internet directory with search functionality that year called which became a worldwide service in over 180 countries.’s history has seen a few twists and turns to keep relevant, despite the tide of other services that have come and gone.

Search and directory giants such as Yahoo, Altavista, WebCrawler and Lycos all folded under the influence of Google and the advent of video and social media.

Incidentally, briefly provided Lycos UK with directory results and hosting through our hosting company Happily Hosted, in addition to invitations from Google to explore ways of integrating new ad serving technologies into 3rd party websites.

Remaining steadfast to our mission of offering unrestricted access to other websites, we have been fortunate to achieve steady growth and are grateful to be able to help people share the web.

Currently growing at the rate of over 11,000 new user accounts each month (April 2024), encourages individuals and businesses alike to promote their services online, reaching a wider audience and providing access to a community of like-minded individuals.

Organisations and individuals or hobbyists can create profile pages containing their website details along with contact information and lists of submitted websites. Visitors can then search for websites by location or category and leave online reviews with up to 5-star ratings.

Incorporated as Interlink Advertising Limited in 2004, we offer a range of advertising and web marketing services including digital marketing, content creation, web development, AI automation, creative design, social media management, website maintenance and expert consultation on all the above.

We work with clients from various industries, including telecoms, healthcare, hospitality and retail.

Interlink Advertising Ltd is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that help businesses achieve their online development, marketing and advertising objectives.

With over 25 years’ experience, we have successfully maintained long-term relationships with clients by delivering quality services and a forward-thinking approach.

If you are looking for a holistic view of the opportunities available to your organisation, or just want a chat, then please get in touch.